Entering Carnivals

Entering a carnival can be done in a number of ways.


Multi Entry Cards

Multi entry cards are filled out by the swimmer and parent for the relevant meet and are then submitted to the club's carnival secretary. The carnival secretary will then complete a summary sheet for your club and mail the cards to the hosting club. The carnival secretary could also collect the multi entry cards and complete a database (MM or TM Shell) of entries to send to the hosting club.

It is preferred that males complete a blue multi entry card and females complete a pink multi entry card.

For electronic copies of these resources, see below.

Multi Entry Cards When printing remember to use blue or pink paper.

Summary Sheet 

Online Entries

Most National and State events now require swimmers to enter online. Many of our Area clubs have adopted this process for the 2015/16 summer season.

Online entries are easy and save club registrars/race secretaries and treasurers many hours. Swimmers will need to know their username and password, (generated when they renew their memberships). If you go into clubLANE it is easy to change your username and password to a more user friendly combination.

On our website page, Meets and Programs, swimmers can click on the link beside each carnival for online entries and this will take them to the relevant page.

The following link will take you through a step by step process, on "how to complete online entries".