Important Information for Hosting a Qualifying Carnival

Hosting an Area Approved Qualifying carnival is very rewarding and means you have agreed to meet several conditions.

The following procedures should be implemented by clubs for a Qualifying Carnival.

 - Read the NE&NW Meet Approval process guide

- Submit the NE&NW Meet Application form by the nominated date

- On receipt of your approved date - book SAT Timing equipment 

- Submit your final program and shell by email to the Area Registrar for the Area Competitions Committee approval by the nominated date.

- Once approval of the program and shell is received, set up your meet in ClubLANE.

- Read the Complete Guide for setting up online meet entries and results booklet - this contains ESSENTIAL information. 

- Have you added waiver information in setting up your meet?

- Online entries are a preferred option for our area and are utilised for State and National Meets. If you required assistance in setting up Online Entries, please Contact Pam Weste.

- The ATSCC will email the club regarding the appointed referee.

- Appoint a Meet Director who can complete the Checklist

- Make contact with the appointed Referee regarding your meet.

- Read the NE&NW Meet Approval Guide regarding organisation and technical officials for your meet

- Organise Technical officials and allocate timekeepers. (You may wish to contact clubs asking for Trained TO's or contact the Area committee)

- Host the carnival, ensure sign on sheets for TO's is available (give sign on sheet for TO's to referee at completion of the meet)

- At the completion of the carnival and upload results to ClubLANE.

- Send a copy of the MM backup, a TM results file, the meet code and the names of the Referee and Starter who officiated at your meet to the Area Registrar within 4 days.

- If the process is not completed within 7 days, the results will NOT be approved as a QUALIFYING CARNIVAL.