Meet Application Guide

October 2018 - Additional Meet applications are now open. 

Please refer to the Meet Application Policy for more information.


We would like to invite all Swimming New England & North West Clubs who wish to host a meet throughout the 2018/2019 Summer Season to complete an application form. 

The Area Board with the help of Pam Weste from SNSW has spent a considerable amount of time going through the policy and structure to encompass a competition structure suitable for all swimmers from Optus Junior Dolphin Program to State and National swimmers.  The Area Board presented some preliminary information at the Area Forum in May at Armidale.  

In light of the new policy, clubs are encouraged to work through the following steps.

1. Please read the attached documents - SNE&NW Meet Information document, SNE&NW Competition Policy and 2018/2019 SNE&NW Calendar.

2.  Attend President/Club representative meeting on 2/8/18 at 7.30pm via GoToMeeting, please see email dated the 23/7/18 for details.  This meeting will involve a short presentation and Q&A segment.

3. Clubs are encouraged to choose the type of meet that meets the needs of their members, please refer to the Meet Information document, this could be an inter club (qualifying and/or development meet open to all swimmers), picnic or fun meet.  

4. In addition to holding a inter club meet , a club or clubs can also apply to host an Area Qualifying Meet, Area Championship and/or Speedo Sprints.  Information on the Area run meet can be found in the attached Competition Policy document.  Area Qualifying Meets are scheduled prior to SNSW SC and LC State Championships to allow swimmers to qualify for higher level meets.  

5.  Each club is to complete one or more of the attached forms.

Please ensure all sections are completed including Technical Official names, please ensure you contact the Technical Official before sending in your application.  Technical Official credentials will be checked by Competition Committee.

6.  Each club is to submit three (3) preferred dates they would like to host their summer carnival, clubs who fail to submit 3 dates will have their applications returned to them.  Preference will also be given to clubs who attended the Area AGM and Forum on 6th May 2018.

Please note the 8-9th December 2018 is set down by SNSW as the "proposed' Open Water Championships, as such a club cannot hold a Qualifying Meet on these dates, it is available to hold a development meet.

Please make sure that you contact your Council or YMCA (or whoever runs your local pool) to make sure that the three dates you decide on are available. You must submit confirmation that the venue is available for your three chosen dates with your applications. 

Please note the "Key Dates" for SNSW Championship events and also the NE & NW LC Area Championships are listed on the 2018/2019 SNE&NW Calendar. Please do not request to hold  a meet on any of these dates, as you will need approval from SNSW to hold a meet on one of these dates and anyone who qualifies to swim in any of the SNSW meets, will not be able to compete at your meet, whether they attend the SNSW meet or not.

7.  Applications, and confirmation of venue availability submitted to: by 5pm Friday 17th August 2018.

8. Clubs will be informed of their applications outcome by 31st August 2018.  

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to email