NENW Technical Official Policy

Technical Officials (TOs) at your Carnival

Due to feedback from our Area Technical official’s survey we are asking clubs to implement the following policy for our upcoming summer season.

   □     Nominate someone in your club who will be responsible for coordination of TO’s at your carnival

   □     Prepare a job allocation of TOs for the carnival. At a club level, each club is responible for coordinating technical officials for their own carnival including the referee. Clubs may ask for people to volunteer in particular positions, however, it is up to clubs to source TOs, not the Area.

   □     Contact the referee to discuss the number of entries, allocation of responsibilities

   □     If you specified clubs will be asked to time keep in your program, do a lane allocation and email this to clubs prior to the carnival with enough notice so clubs can do a club roster, please consider the number of families per club entries in this allocation. If it will be a split club lane, specify the number required from each club.

   □     Organise sign on sheets for TOs on the day of the carnival 

   □     Consider supplying people eg Ref, JOS, IOT, Recorder, SAT operator etc who have worked all day and volunteered their time with a nice lunch

   □     After lunch coordinate with the Meet Director to complete TWO draws of TOs who signed on and assisted at the carnival

   □     Award ONE award for the people who assisted as Referee, JOS, IOT, Marshal, Check Starter, Announcer, Chief Timekeeper, Recorder (feedback from the survey suggests petrol and food vouchers), we are recommending a $30 voucher

   □     Award ONE award to those who assisted with timekeeping, see above point, we are recommending a $20 voucher

   □     Email copies of the sign on sheets to at the end of meet (this will then be used for an end of year award)

 Thank you for working with us to increase the appreciation of Technical officials. Swimming carnivals require many people to work together to give our kids the chance to swim. Time is so very valuable to everyone and we would like to acknowledge people who so generously donating their time.

We will be seeking sponsorship with the aim of increasing these awards for the following season. If you know of someone or a company who would be interested in supporting people who assist and volunteer their time, please let an Area Committee Member know.