Becoming Accredited


2016 New National Officiating Accreditation Program (NOAP) Learner Guides:

The Swimming Australia Participation and Sport Development Unit and Swimming Australia Technical Swimming Committee, have recently updated the Learner Guides for the National Officiating Accreditation Program (NOAP) Learner Guides:

These new learner guides have been updated to reflect stronger officiating principles to assist technical officials with their understanding. As per Australian Sports Commission (ASC) requirements, these guides have been refreshed to be more contemporary and have also been updated in line with recent changes to FINA rules.

These Guides now also allow Technical Officials to work at their own pace with information easier to comprehend for technical officials at any level or experience. 

A Quick Reference Guide to the modules can be found HERE.

A Learner Guide Module Coversheet must be completed in full to prove an official has gained an accreditation. Download the Coversheet HERE.

Referee and Starter Module cover sheet HERE.

General Principles


Chief Timekeeper


Clerk of Course (Marshal & Check Starter)

Inspector of Turns

Judge of Stroke


Finish Judge 

AOE Operator

Meet Manager Operator



Refereee - Multi Class

Advanced Self Management


Either before or after reading these guides, go to the website:  register and complete an online training module from the following list:

  • Timekeeping
  • Check starter
  • Marshal
  • Inspector of turns
  • Judge of stroke
  • Starter
  • Recorder
  • Dolphin Timing Operator

Practical experience is very beneficial and for roles such as Inspector of turns and Judge of Stroke essential. If you would like mentoring please email Jeremy to coordinate this, we would love to support you.

When you feel you have had enough experience, please email Jeremy to coordinate a practical assessment, as we need to organize an assessor to be present. You will need to bring a TO module cover sheet and the NOAP assessment criteria pages for your assessment. See above to download a form, (if you completed the online course, it will print out for you)

It is also important that you have your working with children check. It is easy to apply for online here, valid for 5 years, and free for volunteers.Officials must be members of Swimming NSW to be recognised Technical Officials. The non-swimmer category is recommended. Apply via your club registrar.