Technical Officials

A swim meet needs a lot of officials - in an eight lane pool at least 70 are necessary if the Meet is to run well. Being an official is an excellent way of supporting your children in their favourite sport.

Things to remember:

  • Technical Officials provide the swimming community with a precious gift - time.
  • Without Technical Officials there will be no swim meets and therefore the swimmers have no competition.
  • Every time you work at a swim meet you help young Australians achieve their goals and stay healthy.
  • Once qualified you can work Metropolitan/Country, State and even Nationals. All assistance during Club races is greatly appreciated.

For a carnival to be accepted as a qualifying carnival you must have an accredted referee and a accredited starter. In our region we have 5 accredited referees who do a wonderful job but are kept very busy during the summer.

Our referees are:

  • Jeremy Deasey
  • Narelle Burke
  • Helen Harvey
  • Mike Birmingham
  • Pam Weste

As an area we are happy to help you gain accreditation and to team you with an experienced person to learn particular jobs.