Hosting Area LC Applications

Dear Club Contact,
                           We are now calling on expressions of interest to host the SNENW LC Area Championships and also SNENW Speedo Sprints Heats on the Weekend of 10th & 11th February 2018. This year we have decided to combine Speedo's and Area's together so it is only ONE MEET. Please note that 7yrs - 12yrs 50m events will be both Area and Speedo events  - so we don't have to seperate 50m events for Speedo. The Speedo events will be uploaded to the National Data Base as Speedo and the Area LC Champs will be uploaded seperatley as Area Championships.
The meet MUST be conducted in a 50m Pool with diving blocks. Acurrent Certificate of Currency from JLT Sport MUST be submitted with your application, along with confirmation from the venue that the pool is available for BOTH days as well as any hire fees/charges, charged by your pool.
This meet will start on Saturday afternoon (10/2/18) and conclude on Sunday afternoon (11/2/18). Time to be confirmed.
Preference will be given to the club's who attended the Area AGM and Forum.
The Area will take care of all programs, medals, ribbons, trophies etc. 
The Host club is to supply an Announcer and Meet Director and enough Time Keepers from their own club to staff one lane for the duration of the meet. The Area will supply all other Technical Officials. ALL clubs will be required to supply Time Keepers for the meet.
The host club will provide water and food (which is reimbursed by the area for all the Technical Officials). 
The Host club may fundraise at the event via raffles, 100 club, BBQ sales (or any other activity approved by the New England & North West inc board).
 **Swimming New England & North West will donate $500 to the Host Club(s) in appreciation of hosting the Area Championships (If more than one club is hosting the event - the money will be distributed evenly to all the host clubs).** 
Smaller clubs can work together to host this meet, if smaller clubs would like the experience but are lacking helpers & equipment.  
Please make sure you read ALL the conditions on the application form carefully before submitting your nomination.
We ask that you have your applications and all relevant paperwork submitted to: by: THURSDAY, 10TH AUGUST 2017
Kind Regards;
Chelley Johnstone